Silver Age

Linda Davis is the owner of Koi, a wonderful boutique in South Pasadena. Doesn’t she have the most incredible hair?!!!

  • wonderful

  • Wonderful hair! She's magical.

  • indeed magnificent!
    happy new year!

  • Ah, to grow my hair as long and wild as hers is the ultimate goal

  • YES….she has great hair, I want to know what products she uses and if she has extensions. Love her smile as well and NO dark glasses. YAY!!!

  • Actually, I don't love her hair. She'd be much prettier with shorter hair. Deep-six all those split ends.
    It's a mess.

    But obviously SHE likes her hair, which is the only important thing.

  • yyyeeessss, she does!

  • Yes she does! Love it!

  • I love her entire carefree-but-polished look. Hair, makeup, accessories…

  • Ari, I am a longtime reader of your blog and a recipient of your daily news note. I occasionally comment – nothing particularly notable or caustic.

    Today, you showed a woman with very long hair and asked your readers, "doesn't she have the most beautiful hair". I sent a note in a few hours ago, saying that I did not think it was beautiful – though she was – and that she'd be more beautiful if she didn't have such scraggly hair with split ends. I also said that as long as SHE liked her hair, that was what was important.

    You didn't publish my comment. I can only assume that it was because I – finally – did make a fairly caustic remark and that it couldn't be "approved by the blog author", which is you.

    Can I assume that you only print comments that agree with your view of things? Or that you didn't want to hurt the woman's feelings? If she agreed to have her picture taken and published in a blog, then perhaps she and you might expect honest comments to be made.

    I'd like to know why you didn't "approve" my first comment. Thanks, Ari.

  • yssss,she has great hair

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  • hair AND face!

  • Oh my. Absolutely stunning. What a great photo to start the New Year. Smiles . . .

  • Yes, gorgeous hair!

  • Anonymous

    Very exotic looking.

  • Such a grand sweep of hair – so healthy and white, like a billowing cloud

  • Great to finally see the creative genius behind Koi. You've shown us her fab customers and now we get to see the owner, who definitely does NOT disappoint.
    Jean & Valerie

  • I understand that style is a question of personal taste and I see a huge need of showing fashion and style for. Older women. I like several of your photos but not because they add any info that could help an advanced age regular person to learn how to dress age appropriate. The majority of photos show theatrical photos not a real, normal and elegant older woman would wear. I love some of the jewelry shown, specially the ethnic ones.
    I see the need of standing out from all the other fashion blogs. I know you have a reputation but can't you show more of real fashion and style for us older women? Something that help us during the difficult transition we have to face in a world that sees old people as useless people? Thanks Ana

  • Anonymous

    phoebes in Santa Fe, I see two posts from you in this thread: one at 1:50 PM and the follow-up at 7:57 PM. Do you not see them both?

    I think Ms. Davis is quite striking. Love her hair.

  • Anon@2.56p – yes, they were posted but I didn't receive notification of their posting til four days later! So, I assumed they didn't make the cut and I was curious as to why.

  • I love older women with long hair!