Jenny Hirschowitz

I have wanted to share this outtake from a shoot I did with Jenny Hirschowitz for a long time. It’s one of my favorite shots that never made the cut.

  • Love it!!The grey and the green pear work lovely together.


  • Anonymous

    Stunning. Eat your heart out Golden Globe attendees.

  • wow… I love her look!

  • Jenny has such a vulnerability and sublime beauty. Your photos of her are beautiful Ari.

  • Sarah

    How does that hair color happen? I like it a lot.

  • Just a fantastic shot for so many reasons.

  • She looks so beautiful and elegant. Love the color pallete of the photo and the victorian feeling to it =).

  • Gorgeous!!! Hey…finally saw you movie…so beautiful. But, you were the star..your passion, empathy, support and love for these women was so moving. You rock!

  • Anonymous

    Jenny is my kind of gal, and one of a kind.

    I love the pose, the background, the pear, and the energy of this photograph. Down to the details, just an amazing shot, Ari.