Adrien and Kamen

Kamen and Adrien

I was being a “naughty boy” needing to meet a good guy as I was getting older – met Kamen – fell in love with his dog Bau Bau – and unexpectedly fell deeply in love with him. Kamen makes me be the best I can be – I’m styled by him especially my hair EVERYDAY! I am blessed.”                              – Adrien Yakimov Roberts
I met Kamen and Adrien at this year’s Alta Roma events. It turns out that although they are a bit too young for Advanced Style, Adrien follows the blog regularly and even uses it as an example for his students at the Accademia Costume e Moda. I was thrilled when they allowed me to take their photograph and share a few words above.

  • Tee

    As someone who went gray early, I understand "looking" advanced and not actually being…. however, these two fellas are SMASHINGLY stylish. Would love to see more of them.

  • Anonymous

    Great photo! I love it!!!

  • Certainly stylish. Role models.

  • Love them rocking the jewellery!

  • It must be awesome to have them at friends! These two appear to be interesting and kind! 🙂

  • Jet

    Just how young is too young? I mean, if I am too young at least I have something to aspire to. Born in 1965, I've always felt I just missed the boat (Boomers being born 1945 to 1964). I'm fine with that. I still want to know the parameters.