Cool Haircut

This woman was having a chat with her neighbor when we spotted her in Williamsburg the other day. Her muted tones and oversize cardigan are so chic, and we were both in awe of her matching modern, angled haircut. She told us she’s had the same look for years, and if we wanted it for ourselves we could head down the street to Bedford Ave where she gets it done.

Reader Submission

Erica Eynouf submitted this great photo of her friend, Patricia McTree Ervin. Patricia is a member of young@heart, a chorus group for seniors. Her profile reads:

Patricia McTee Ervin (1925)
Pat grew up in Austin Texas, Graduated from the University of Texas in 1945 with a degree in Drama.She lived for 50 years in Boston Ma, where she directed childrens theatre and raised 5 children of her own.She is an avid worker for peace, loves opera and coffee ice cream.Chorus member since August 2007