“Fire Away!”

My interaction with this gentleman outside of Whole Foods on Houston was especially charming. After spotting him from outside, I waited to ask if I could get his picture. When I was a kid I always wore one of my grandfather’s fishing hats, which I would grab from his closet. This man’s style and character reminding me a little of both of my grandfathers and when I asked him if I could take his picture he exclaimed, “Fire away!”
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Welcome to Advanced Style


My name is Ari Cohen and this is my very first Blog. I hope to use this as a forum to document the inspirational street fashion of our respected elders. I have always looked to street fashion for inspiration and since moving to New York four months ago I noticed how awesome so many of New York’s older men and women styled. My main goal is to capture examples of “Advanced Style” from the sophisticated and well dressed to the accidentally stylish and colorful folks out on the town. I will post submissions from all over so feel free to send photos and captions to advancedstyleinfo@gmail.com.

I took the photo above in a Seattle park. I stopped to talk to these two Russian women whose style stood out against the gang of hipsters playing kickball in the field near by.

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