Reader Submission (Rachel’s Grandpas)

We are very excited to have received our first few reader submitted photos. Rachel Wianecki from Seattle sent us some pictures of her stylish grandpas.

She said that, “Bob(seen above) is way into is seasonal garb (frowns upon those who wear dark colors in the summer time). He has an extensive hat collection (100’s of hats) and at 90 years old still dresses it up everyday to look good for the ladies.

He looks great in his matching shirt and suspenders!

Rachel also let us know that, “Eddie LOVES his pantsuit big time and wears it almost everyday.”

One of the things that is so interesting about advanced style is the consistency and confidence that comes with a developed fashion sense.Many of the people I have talked to have worn the same coat for 25 years or have had their favorite hat “forever”. These pieces hold special memories for their owners and often times look better than contemporary ones.