Must See: Bungee Jill

Jill has to be one of our most interesting Advanced Style Subjects to date. She looks so pretty and true to her California roots in her Guatemalan worry doll hat and wonderfully colorful dress and coat. After meeting Jill, however, it became clear that her sense of adventure is definitely not limited to style: she told us that for her 80th Birthday, when she was in Vegas with her son, she became the oldest person to go Bungee Jumping! Check out the video of her jump, below… Amazing!

She also told us about her work with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, her time modeling eyes, legs, and hands in New York, and her memories of an undeveloped San Diego when she was a girl. Jill will be 85 this year, and she is still stylish, energetic, and making the most of life. What a great Advanced Style icon.