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Article of Interest…

This article about Vivienne Westwood from 2002 highlights exactly the kind of creative inspiration I wish we saw more of:

“Last week the godmother of sedition struck again when she unveiled the final-year collections by her students at the Berlin University of Art fashion department. The designs were modeled by inmates of an old people’s home. ‘Life becomes richer as you grow old,’ she declared. ‘I like the aging process and have no problem with it.'”

Amazing Ancestry!

In response to “Amazing Anne” (see below — amazing indeed!), I agree with Ari — the lady brings to mind a way classic look that really ought to be seen on the streets more often. As for her predecessors, one probably jumps to everyone’s mind:

Diane Keaton’s old signature, floppy-but-flattering suit deal is still a good idea. At 62 years old, she’s still playing her strong suit, if you will, and looks cool.

This rings true for a vintage Lauren Hutton as well:

I love old-time Lauren Hutton (I was named after her!). Major babe!

All I’m saying is, the three-piece suit, maybe with a hat? Worth trying. If you happen to have gap teeth, well, then you’re just lucky. As for Amazing Anne’s orange sneakers, that was a stroke of genius that made for a look all her own.