Tziporah and Debra

Here is a quick view of two of New York’s most stylish and innovative women, Tziporah and Debra.I have been an admirer of Tziporah Salamon’s for a long time and just recently found the perfect opportunity to meet with her. A few weeks ago Tziporah was sent a link to a post I had done on Debra and was immediately struck by her style and creativity. She emailed her right away and they have been in contact ever since. The other day I had the chance to get together with these two wonderful ladies to sit down and discuss the healing power of style and how fashion should be fun and expressive,as Mimi Weddell used to say, ” It lifts you up from this earth”.Debra and Tziporah dress up because it makes them feel good and they can express themselves and share their art and creativity with the world around them. These woman are the true fashion icons, truly original, strong in their identity and willing to share their gifts with others.