A Visit To Sue Kreitzman’s Studio

[Text and Photos by Ari Seth Cohen]

I met artist Sue Kreitzman outside the New Museum over a year ago and was struck by her original style and colorful palette. She splits her time traveling between New York and London and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit her studio and home and see her vast collection of jewelry and clothes and artwork.

Sue started off as a cook but unexpectedly became an artist. She makes colorful and delightful objects and paintings out of a combination of acrylics and nail polish, embellished with buttons, broken jewellery and found objects. She is a walking piece of art herself taking great care in putting together outfits that mix and match pieces that she has specially created for herself. When I asked Sue to describe her style she said,

“Art and colour are my life. My apartment is painted in vivid (you might say vulgar) colours, and festooned with fascinating objects. Well, so am I. My good friend, London fabric artist Lauren Shanley, makes my clothes. I am something of an obsessive collector, and – among other things – gather ethnic and vintage fabrics from all over the world. Lauren collages these fragments into miraculous garments. Often, they tell a story,. Anothai Hansen, in Brooklyn, and Amanda Caines, in London, make my jewellery; again, they are made from found objects I have gathered, and again, each piece usually tells a story. “
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