Pretty in Pink

[Photos: Ari Seth Cohen, Text: Maayan Zilberman]
Now that Ari lives in the East Village, we tend to have lots of our meetings on St Marks Place, where there are several of our favorite snack spots (Chipotle, Pinkberry, etc…)
Because the neighborhood is generally populated by younger people, we aren’t on high alert for Advanced Style as we would be on, say, 5th Avenue or at Grand Central Station.
On this day, however, we came across this beautiful woman named Juliette Szylar- She is from Warsaw and has lived in the East Village for many years. She now works for the Polish Theatre Institute in Manhattan.
Her many shades of powder pink caught our attention… we love her summer dress, sunglasses, and very subtle hair tint.
When we complimented her on her style, she waved her hand and said “This is nothing!”
She fits right in with all the cool East Village kids… we’d love to see one of her other looks…
wouldn’t you?