Sally Thornton: “Keep Moving”

[Photos and Text by Ari Seth Cohen and Jack Cohen]

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down at the The Thornton Winery and talk with Sally Thornton one of San Diego’s most stylish ladies. I asked Sally about her style and how she goes about putting an outfit together. She told me that she re-spins things in her closet. She said, ” I invent things. Style opens the door for your creativity. It’s an opportunity. You do it everyday, just like painting a picture, its just fun for me.”

In college, Sally really began to develop her own sense of style. Her roommate was a designer and she would sit on the floor all day coming up with designs and patterns to make clothes. Sally would watch her in awe as she worked on her fantastic creations. When they would walk down the street together, Sally’s roommate would tell her that she couldn’t walk next to her unless she approved of her outfit. Thornton embraced this critique and learned from it. She was astounded and excited by her brilliant talent.

Sally’s own brilliant talent extends beyond personal style. She is an award winning author, equestrian and philanthropist. Her father taught her that whatever she did she must learn how to do everything from beginning to end so that she would be ready for anything. Sally told me that if you know the ins and outs and learn how to do everything involved with a task you will be ready for any situation.” You learn how to think in a different dimension so that you don’t fall apart if something doesn’t go your way. You think creatively when something happens and remember nothing is beneath you.”

Her motto in life is to Keep Moving no matter what. “You have to ride through adversity no matter what happens and keep on moving.” Her tips on how to stay active, ” I haven’t grown up yet. I diet, take vitamins and exercise daily.”

When it comes to being stylish Sally recommends, ” Keep your eyes open all the time and expose yourself to as many things as possible. Your eyes are like a camera. Your brain automatically adapts and you adopt . You have to feel it and you have to want to be stylish.”Like minded friends like Jewelry designer Reena Horowitz and Style Expert Leonard Simpson help to keep Sally inspired.

It was pleasure to interview Sally Thornton and learn how to drink from the cup of life.