Freedom of Expression

[Fashion Consultant Tziporah Salamon ]

Another great thing about Advanced Style ,besides the stories behind the clothes, is the freedom with which older people express their personal style. At a certain age there are no more rules to follow, no more dress codes beyond the ones set upon oneself. I have 80 year old ladies email me that they finally feel the freedom and permission to wear colorful socks. Where many might think of this as overly eccentric, I feel it’s a great expression of personality and independent spirit. Just because you are older doesn’t mean you can’t wear bright colors and patterns. When I ask people why they choose to dress in vibrant clothes or color their hair wild shades, the answer is pretty much always the same. It lifts their spirits and the spirits of others and they no longer have to dress to impress other people.

I was recently interviewed by the UK Telegraph about Advanced Style. Here is an excerpt from the piece:

Cohen moved to New York from Seattle and one day, he says, he saw a documentary about an actress called Mimi Weddell, who died last year. She was addicted to wearing hats, and her style credentials were so shimmering she even appeared in Sex and the City. “She was so stylish and elegant in her early nineties,” Cohen says. “She had a sense of personal style and freedom.” The word freedom, I sense, is the key. “Older people wear their clothes with confidence because they no longer have anyone to impress,” he says. “I see more beauty in them. These pictures are not just images. Each one tells a story.” I agree with him. No one, for me, looks more like a woman than an old woman.”One of the best examples of this sense of freedom is 90 year old Ilona Smithkin. She is a fearless lover of color and does things her own way. She has always dressed up, but with time she has learned to be confident in her artistic expression. Advanced Style is about personal style and living life to the fullest. No matter what your style choices are learn from these brave spirits who do it their own way.