The Story Behind Style

There is something about seeing an elegant older man or woman that makes you want to know the story behind their clothes.I think that’s one of the reasons I do what I do. I saw this beautiful woman walking on the Upper West Side the other day, but didn’t have the time to chat with her.
The people I meet are great storytellers and they actually take the time to share their thoughts and experiences with me. As a 28 year old man, this wisdom is invaluable in a world full of texting,twitter,face book and email.

Every time I see a photo of an older man or woman I instantly begin to think about their life, who they have met, what they have done. This is especially interesting in New York where you have so many opportunities for enriching experiences and the chance to meet some many amazing people.

Asking someone about their coat or why they chose to wear a certain accessory can ignite an hour long conversation, a history of New York through the eyes of people who know it best.
My experience with the Steinberg Sisters, back in August 2008 is a great example of how this can work.

My friend Jill and I met the Steinberg sisters while walking around Brighton Beach. The sisters were more than happy to stop for some photos and share some stories with us as well. Both ladies attended FIT when they were younger. They wanted to follow in the footsteps of their father who came from Poland, studied in London and worked in the Garment Industry. They proudly announced that he could, ” Whip up a winter coat in a half an hour.”

We caught the sisters on the way back from a shopping adventure and a trip to the library where they were looking at fashion books. They told us about exciting encounters with several celebrities including Liberace, Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller, Valentino, and Yves Saint Laurent, who they described as a “quiet man”. When I told them how much I admired their style, they replied that their clothes don’t cost much, but that they have many very pretty things.The Steinbergs, who live in the same apartment building a few floors apart, were thrilled to meet us, as they meet few people who they can share their stories with. Check out these wonderful ladies below.