The other day I had tea with the lovely lady above. Irene and I met on the bus after I asked if I could take her photo. She has great style and a wonderful outlook on life. She writes on her website, “In another life I would be like an Argentine Tango dancer. I’m still gearing up for my Grand Finale in this one.” Advanced Style is an attitude. The people I meet are fighters. They continue to challenge themselves and  push past obstacles that come their way.

Irene wrote in to share these words with all the Advanced Stylers:

 I realize that I am preaching to the choir by addressing these comments to Ari’s Girls – after all, we are writing a how-to manual (documented lovingly by Ari) for our contemporaries, present day boomers & beyond.Leaving youth for middle years is tough. What can possibly compensate for having been Belle of the Ball?
 Entering advanced years is tougher, yet can be softened by clarity that sometimes comes only with age. Having been there, done that, I would like to share some basic stuff born of experience:
 Could this transition be regarded as an adventure rather that a struggle? Metaphors for fighting are of limited value when faced with a losing battle.
 We are like snowflakes – uniquely exquisite and unique – one-of-a kind divine creations
 To thy highest self be true
 Since the eyes mirror the soul, where else is beauty but in the eyes of the beholder?
 Many a Hollywood star or historical icon continues to bewitch and bedazzle her public!
Think Bette Davis. Think Martha Graham. Think Cleopatra.