The Last Photo

I have lived in New York about two and half years now and I often run into people that I  have previously Photographed. I have seen and photographed this dapper gentleman a few times before, and each time I am inspired by  his amazing style. Every time, he is  impeccably dressed in his signature style  of  perfectly worn jeans, a lovely hat, a tie with big knot, and cow boy boots. He looks a little different each time, changing his beloved accessories around to form new elegant combinations. He always seems to be in a hurry and hesitantly allows me to take his photo. I long to know his story what inspires his dress, where he has lived, what his career is, but with a nervous and unsteady hand I snap his photo and he walks away. 
This time he told me that it would be the last time I could photograph him. He is always kind, but doesn’t long for attention. He dresses for himself, it is what he knows.  I feel honored to have had  these three moments with him and I’m sure I’ll see him again. Maybe I can’ t take another photo of him, but his style and character will be forever in my mind.