Advanced Style’s Moment of Divine Intervention

The most wonderful thing happened last night. I was on my way home from a performance at Town Hall when I ran into two lovely ladies from Northern England. It was 10:40 pm and I got off on a subway stop that I don’t usually exit from, when all of the sudden the ladies above started shouting, “Ari Ari.” I thought that I must know them from somewhere but realized that I didn’t recognize them at all.
They told me that they  had been following Advanced Style for over a year and that the ladies I feature inspired them to come to New York.The lady on the left wanted to take a trip to New York for her 66th birthday to feel as free as the women I photograph everyday. She told me that it’s hard to be herself in the small town where she resides,so she couldn’t wait to visit New York where she could dress up and express herself.

This was a truly  some kind of divine intervention.Neither one of them had contacted me so to run into them in the middle of the night was pretty unbelievable. I pulled out my Flip camera to capture the moment on video and told them that I would take them to Off Broadway Boutique today. It was the Birthday Girl’s goal to be on Advanced Style, so I had to make her wish come true.