“Gloves Shift the Everyday Comfortable Outfit Into a Chic Outfit”

Lubi lives in Sand Diego where the weather is usually pretty warm, she says,”Gloves shift the everyday comfortable outfit into a chic outfit.”
This woman’s gloves match her bag and look wonderful with her hat and scarf.
At 100 Ruth has a lifetime of fashion expertise. She dresses up everyday!

This woman knows how to make a statement. Her orange gloves stand out beautifully against her dark coat.
Mary loves fun accessories and these gloves are a great compliment to her fun coat.
Tziporah’s green gloves complete her outfit by harmonizing with the stripes in her pants her green glasses.
Beatrix’s gloves are perfect for any weather.

When I was growing up my grandmother and I would sit on her bed and watch old movies together for hours. I loved watching all the men and women all dressed up in their hats and gloves and longed for people to dress that way again. Yesterday Joyce shared her beauty and style secrets explaining,”Gloves they make an outfit, if it’s the right glove it can do everything for you.”
Gloves are a great way to add a pop of color, a splash of glamour,and a touch of elegance  to an outfit. Lubi from Sand Diego put it best when she remarked,”Gloves shift the everyday comfortable outfit into a chic outfit.”Do you ever wear gloves, and which are your favorites from above?