“The Real Secret is Being in Love With life and Realizing What you Have.”

I often get asked how the Advanced Style ladies stay so beautiful and active as they age. I have learned over the past three years that it is important to stay interested in the world, to never stop learning, and constantly be inspired by new things. I asked 80 year old Joyce what her secret was and she responded, “The real secret is being in love with life and realizing what you have.” Joyce worked in the magazine industry for many years and has never given up her passion for beauty and elegance. She says,”The older you get the more elegance you want.”

As you know I have been working on a book of my photos which will be out April 17, 2012. Some of the ladies that I have spent more time with, like Joyce, will have special featured sections. I will share extra photos and some of their most inspiring quotes.If you would like to Pre-order the Advanced Style book and see more of these wonder women, you can find it on Amazon HERE. I don’t say this enough, but I appreciate and share your comments with all of the ladies that I feature, so thank you for all of the wonderful feedback!