Advanced Style Profile: Carola Boxer Vecchio

I asked Carola, from yesterday’s post, about her style influences and evolution. When I first met her, she was all dressed up for the Easter Parade, in a beautiful vintage dress and hat. She told me that although she loved fashion, that her style was usually a lot more casual. Since that day Carola has told me that she has been inspired to dress up more. She loves to see how the ladies I photograph dress up and finds inspiration in their personal style. I started Advanced Style in order to challenge stereotypically-held views on aging and style. I am honored that Carola has been influenced by my photos and has rediscovered her love of style and color. Carola is an Advanced Style lady in her own right. Check out her wonderful life and style advice below.

Name: Carola Boxer Vecchio
Age: 70
Career: Retired – try to paint T-shirts with scenes of beautiful cities or flowers or animals on them

When I first met you, you told me that you don’t really dress up.Has this changed and if so why?Because of you, Ari, I now think much more about dressing up. I have always loved clothes, but now that I am retired I tend to wear “easy” clothes like jeggings !! But when I have a chance to go out I wear dresses which I love. I love color in my clothes and relate to so many of your wonderful women who also love it.

What do you like in regards to style?
In regards to style I tend to like classic lines – I suppose I might be described as a sixties fan – also forties. I love to see people experiment and express themselves through their clothes and really love all fashion because of its beauty and its gift to people to create and express themselves.

How would you describe your style?
I guess my style is casual except when I go out and then I love dresses and jewelry. And color, color, color – bright and rich.

What are your secrets to staying vital, healthy, beautiful as you age?
Trying to stay healthy is so important – I walk a lot – I took dance lessons quite a bit – I especially love belly dancing! I wish I could still ride horses which I did as a child and teenager, but this hasn’t been possible for years! I love swimming. My father went for very long walks twice a day until his 90’s and he was always healthy and strong until he got Parkinsons disease – but very late in his life.

Did your mom influence your style?
My mother wasn’t obviously an influence to me as I grew up. I think because we were in boarding school and wore uniforms – but I think her love of color in her clothes influenced me and the fact that she exposed me to beautiful clothes and even that she dressed me up a lot when I was small although I didn’t enjoy it much then!

Any advice for people stuck in a style rut?
If you are stuck in a style rut, take a chance and dress from your wildest imagination or fantasy – please yourself!

Anything you want to add?
I want to add that you have enriched my life and many others and I want to thank you profoundly.