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Happy Holidays From Advanced Style

New York is full of holiday inspiration, from the decorated windows of 5th Avenue department stores, to all the festively dressed people around town. I stopped this woman walking down Madison Ave on Christmas Eve. I loved her joyful and fun holiday look, and it turns out we have a mutual friend, Maryann, a regular of Advanced Style. I am celebrating the holidays with my family in Cancun and will be posting all of last weeks holiday outfits over the next few days. I hope everyone I has had a wonderful season so far!

Rita’s Style Influences(VIDEO)

A few days ago I got great feedback on a photo I took of Rita Hammer. You guys asked for more, so I made a small video of Rita talking about her style influences. I hope you enjoy and look forward to some great new shots of her next week!

Color Coordination

Mary has mastered the art of color coordination. Each outfit she puts on is a masterpiece full of wonderful accessories and beautiful,harmonious colors and textures. A while back I asked Mary her opinion on dressing age appropriate and she answered,” I think that saying women can’t wear color at a certain age says step back and die. Most important is to develop a sense of objectivity. I go by an instant reaction–if it’s negative that I don’t do it. Obviously you shouldn’t wear super short skirts. You don’t want to look like a crazy old lady.In short avoid those Baby Jane moments.”

Menswear is Not Only For Men

Yesterday writer, Alice Carey, and I had lunch in the West Village at Cafe Cluny. We caught up on all of our upcoming projects and I asked Alice for advice on how to publicize my upcoming book. After lunch we took a walk down Perry Street and sat for a minute to talk about her love of menswear and why young women dress the way they do. One of the reasons that Alice loves men’s clothing is that its comfortable and allows her to feel free and unique.She says, “I feel me, I’m not imitating anyone. This is the look.” 91 year old Ilona Royce Smithkin expresses a similar view on style when shes says,”If you try to imitate too much, then you look like nothing. Never compare yourself, YOU are YOU.”

Many of Advanced Style ladies lament the fact that so many people look and dress the same these days. Alice and Ilona no longer feel the need to conform to other people’s ideas of what a women should wear. Their rule is that there are no rules. They dress to impress themselves and look at style as a means of personal expression. I have learned to become more myself through my interactions with these wonderful, confident women. I hope that they can inspire you as well! For more on Alice’s style check the video above, and if you are interested you can find her childhood memoir HERE.