Advanced Style Tips For The New Year

I wanted to start the New Year off right with some style tips from one of Advanced Style’s favorite ladies. Rita has only gotten braver and bolder with age. Check out some great advice from this fantastic woman below and check out her wonderful CD HERE.

1.Everything doesn’t have to match. I’ve gotten to a stage where I don’t match things like I used to. I don’t want to look like a freak, but as I get older I get more nerve.

2.As you get older you can take more chances. I am braver. I look at something once and if I like it, I’ll take a chance.

3.Always try and bring out your best feature and don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have a best feature!

4. Go shopping in your closet before throwing anything away.I save all my clothes.I have clothes that I have been wearing for ten to fifteen years. Try them on and if they still look good and you feel good in them,you can create new looks.

5.You can be very dressed and have a casual and relaxed look and it can be sensational.
Instead of buckling my raincoat, I’ll tie it. It creates an effortless and elegant appearance.

6.Don’t just wear a label, wear what looks good on you.I bought it Daffy’s I bought it at Bergdorf’s. It’s just what hits you for the minute. I don’t look for the most expensive thing.

7.Take a long look at yourself and create a beautiful silhouette.

8.Create your own style. You can wear trendy things once in a while, but wear what looks good on you.

9.I stay in good shape from aggravation-I love walking, walking is terrific!

10. Use make-up properly to highlight your best features. I love make-up and I love lipstick, I just don’t want to wear too much.