Do You Think Aging is a Privilege?

While I am out photo-hunting on the Upper West Side, I always like to stop by Lynn Dell’s Off Broadway Boutique. She has the most stylish customers, including the beautiful lady above.This glamorous woman told me that she had seen me on The Today Show and I replied that I would love to take her photograph, but that she seemed way too young. When she told me that she had a 40 year old son, I knew that she fit the bill. I was excited to capture her dazzling style to share with all of you.

When I got back home I reflected on this experience. I know that people are often told that they are too old to model and represent fashion, style and beauty. I wonder how it feels when I tell an older person that they are too young to appear on Advanced Style? Do they take this as a compliment? Is youth the only valued stage of life? 80 year old Joyce always tells me that, ” To Age is a Privilege.” I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get old.