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Advanced Style Will be Featured on The Today Show Tomorrow Morning

I have some great news!!! The Today Show will be featuring Advanced Style tomorrow between 9 and 10 am. Four of our favorite ladies will be dressed to the nines, sharing their style secrets. I get to walk Ruth on stage, so don’t blink or you will miss me. I am so happy that these ladies are getting the attention they deserve and  I can’t wait to see what America thinks about Advanced Style.

The Age of Glamour

This week, I’m checking in on several of the Advanced Style ladies to get them prepared for a big TV appearance on Thursday morning(more details to come). One of the outfits Jacquie tried on was  this vintage red coat and a pair of beaded white high heels. At 81 years old she told me, ” I come from the age of glamour. I’m not afraid to wear heels in my 80s.”

A New Hairdo

I met this woman on Madison Avenue last April after admiring her blue shoes and wonderful coat. She told me that men stop her on the streets to tell her how much they like her shoes. Just yesterday, I was dropping a friend off at Penn Station when I noticed an incredible woman with a fantastic hairdo. After taking a closer look, I realized she was the lady with the blue shoes that I had met some months before! We were both delighted to see one another again. I love her new hairstyle, don’t you?

Lynn Dell Celebrates Her 60th Anniversary on Bravos’s Chef Roble & Co.

One of Advanced Style’s favorite ladies, Lynn Dell, and her husband Sandy Cohen, celebrated their 60th anniversary earlier this summer. Bravo’s Chef Roble & Co. were there to provide food and entertainment for this wonderful celebration. The episode aired on Bravo this past weekend.Check out some behind the scenes moments HERE and some photos from their wedding day below.

“Style Has Absolutely Nothing to do with Money”

I just got off the phone with 81-year-old Jacquie Tajah Murdock. She wanted to catch up and see what has been happening with Advanced Style. I told her that she has inspired many women to dress up and feel good about themselves. Jacquie was delighted to hear this.She wanted to share some more of her style philosophy and told me that,”Style has absolutely nothing to do with money. In fact, I buy many of my things at thrifts shops. For me style is about looking different from anybody else. Fashion is an art.”