The Power Of Color

Last week my dad and I visited The Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I was looking at the paintings of Surrealist women artists, including Frida Kahlo, when I noticed this women all dressed in purple. I love how she arranged the elements and color in her outfit, just as the painters whose work we were viewing had. I waited until she was finished with the exhibit to ask if I could take her photograph. What I love about style is that it is a vehicle for personal expression. Style can change your mood and the mood of others around you. As soon as I spotted this women in the gallery, I immediately began to smile. Fashion can also be used as means to making a statement-one that has the power to make you think about the world around you.Older people are often made to feel invisible in our society.I love when older women wear color because it is a way of communicating their visibility in the world.

Many people ask me if the people I photograph are looking for attention-if they are dressing up because they want people to notice them. Anyone of these marvelous ladies and gentleman will tell you that they are dressing up for themselves, because it makes them feel good. As they have gotten older their message has changed. They are no longer saying “Look At Me”, but rather “I am Here”.