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Blogger Love: Superbytimai

A few months ago a wonderful French blogger and beauty expert named Timai asked me if she could get in touch with Advanced Style’s Debra Rapoport to make a video. I love when other bloggers take an interest in these incredible ladies and couldn’t wait to see what Timai would come up with. I finally met up with her in Paris for my book signing event and we immediately hit it off. While in Paris Timai had the chance to make another great video of Joyce. Check out her wonderful website HERE and the two videos of Joyce and Debra.

Joyce in Paris

Here are some shots I took of Joyce, at the Palais Royal, during my book signing event with L’Express Styles. At 80 years old, Joyce is an inspiration for us all to live life to the fullest. You can see more of Joyce in the video interview above.

In other exciting news, Advanced Style is featured in the August issue of O Magazine. It’s so wonderful that people are finally taking notice of these incredible older women! With all this great press, the first edition of my book is already in its second printing, with more copies arriving early August. If you want to buy a copy, pre-orders are available through  Amazon. Thank you to everyone for all the amazing support.

Happy 4th of July from Advanced Style

 I just got to Seattle after visiting Ilona in Provincetown this past weekend. Ilona and I decided to take some photos by the shore near her Summer apartment and art studio. She looked as wonderful and lively as ever in a re-purposed blue and white sundress and vintage sunglasses. Ilona and all the Advanced Style ladies want to wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday weekend!