Museum Visitors Have Advanced Style

Richard Cramer and his stylish admirers
Carol Markel’s vintage gloves and hot pink nails
Debra Rapoport and Carol Markel comparing polish colors

Last week Carol, Richard, Debra, Maryann, and I headed to MAD to check out the Doris Duke Shangri La exhibit. One of the great benefits of having such creative friends, is that they keep me abreast of all the cultural happenings around town. I like to  frequent the many museums around New York City not only to see the latest exhibitions, but to admire the crowds of stylish folks coming in and out of the entrance doors.

When I first started Advanced Style I was working full time at the New Museum bookstore. While working on this post I noticed that each person in the photos above, is someone that I met while working at bookstore counter. My boss, Daniel,  was kind enough to let me sneak away from the register from time to time, to photograph the stylish visitors I kept spying from my desk. So much has happened over the last three years and many of the people I have photographed have become great friends. I found the first photos that I ever took of Carol, Maryann, and Debra below!!!! Check them out and let me know what you think.