In Celebration of Grandmothers and Grandsons


[Photos by Hadar Pitchon]

I had two very special grandmothers. One grandmother taught me about the importance of elegance  while the other encouraged freedom of expression. I started this blog because of my grandmothers and although they are no longer with us, they continue to guide and inspire me everyday.

A few months ago, Hadar Pitchon, a friend of mine on Facebook and a regular reader of Advanced Style, sent me some wonderful photos and videos that he had taken of his Nona. Their special bond reminded me of the relationship I had with my grandmothers. In my eyes Bluma and Helen were the biggest stars that ever lived. They were the most glamorous models and the wisest of sages. I asked Hadar to write a few words about his Nona and why she is so inspirational to him. Check out his incredible photos above and more about Hadar and Nona’s special bond below:

When asking my grandma about her personal style, I hear her
say through her greek accent I love long beautiful dresses. But for her
everything seems to have a price tag attached, perhaps it’s coming from nothing
now she treasures having things of value. When I was growing up around her she
loved playing dress up, wigs, lipstick, grab the guitar, songs and dance. I
have always had an utmost respect for where she comes from and I am impressed
with how she presents herself everyday. I feel she came from a time where you never
left the house unless you looked presentable. When her and my grandfather were
married they were so poor she had to hand the wedding dress to the next person
in line after. Yet through all this and raising 4 boys, being a holocaust
survivor, breast cancer survivor and survivor of living with me, she kept her
amazing style. She possesses an amazing character and wit, her nails are
always painted with a signature bright red to match her lips. Her dresses
usually have sequins or something over the top to them. Recently when I
was home I decided to showcase the beauty that is my grandma, she is a muse and
a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have someone like that in my life. I
decided she would be the supermodel of the year and her face would be in all the
latest ads and on a cover of magazine. After all she never ceases to amaze me
and my greatest pride is getting to share her with the world. (Hadar Pitchon)