Date Archives 2012

Always Elegant

I have passed by these two women many times while walking around the Upper West Side. They are always dressed to the nines with at least one common theme or pattern in both of their outfits. On the day that I finally approached them to take a picture it was  black and white. Next time I run into these elegant ladies I’ll ask them some questions about their signature matching looks.

At The Airport

I saw this woman at the airport on my way from New York to San Diego. I stopped and asked if I could take her photo and she said, ” Yes dear, of course you can, I am in my 80s and everything I have on is from the 70s. I told her that I appreciated how elegantly she was dressed to travel and she quickly replied, ” There is no other way.”


The ladies I photograph are not only fantastic dressers; many of them also make the most incredible accessories and works of art. I ran into Sevaria the other day and she was wearing one of her  beautiful bejeweled headscarves. Seeing her got me thinking that it might be fun to have a big Advanced Style art show someday! I always love to help promote the work of the people I feature on Advanced Style. If you are interested in purchasing one of Sevaria’s stunning scarves feel free to email her at .