Ingmari Lamy

I am finally in Seattle to celebrate a friend’s wedding, after a few weeks of whirlwind travel. It’s hard to explain how incredibly insightful and moving each of my trips has been. I am constantly meeting so many inspiring people, hearing their life stories, and it’s difficult to process everything that is happening at the moment. On Tuesday I am off to London for a few days, and then back to New York for a few weeks, where I hope to write more in depth about these incredible experiences.

I met Ingmari Lamy in Stockholm and asked  her to share a few words
about her experience as model  working in her 60s below.

When I came into modeling at the age of 19 and shortly after that did my first cover for Harpers Bazaar, I
was a young woman loving nature and the world of fashion was art to me.
Using make-up was great during the photo-shoot itself, the playfulness
and the transforming possibilities. I loved it! Even so, I
always took my make up off after work and was ” a natural”. That`s the
way it was for me. Being in the world of fashion today, still modeling
at the age of 65, I have kept these habits of staying natural. For my skin I use organic olive oil, that`s the way I like it. I want to inspire women, young and old, to know their true inner beauty and strength. I want them to know that their beauty is always there every moment. Always
present. And then we can play with make-up and clothes! I love the way your women are colorful and expressing a true personality. Maybe when I get older I will be wearing make-up as well.