Linda Machado

I met Linda Machado at my book signing in Phoenix last month. Here is a beautiful email that she sent to me:

“Flamenco dance is a
powerful, passionate, improvisational art form that allows me to explore
my individuality, sharpen my creativity and keep in shape.  I started
dancing when I was 40 and never stopped.  Flamenco dance is great for
balance, coordination, bone density, muscle toning and cardio – things
we need to be concerned with as aging women.  Plus the costumes are
incredibly fun!
I may be a bit “young” at 62, I consider myself an “Advanced Style
Apprentice”, learning from those older than me and inspiring those my
age and younger.  And with mentors such as the Advanced Style Women and
heroes such as you, I am more excited about the next 40 years than I was
when I was younger! ”