Date Archives April 2013

A Happy Coincidence

I can’t wait to share some of my new street style snaps with everyone. Isn’t Richelle Jones, pictured above, absolutely stunning? When I stopped her to ask if I could take her photograph, she took one look at my card and replied, ” Of course, I know who you are.” It turns out that a few months ago, we were both visiting Off Broadway Boutique on the same day. Pat, who runs the sales floor, pointed me out to Richelle and told her  that she should be a perfect candidate for my blog. I happened to be on an important phone call at the time and rushed out of the store before getting to meet her. It was a happy coincidence to run into her yesterday, walking down Madison Avenue.

Costanza Pascolato

The other day I ran into Vogue Brazil’s enchanting contributor, Constanza Pascolato, in front of the Plaza Hotel.  I have always admired her style and was thrilled to hear that she has been following Advanced Style from the very  beginning. She told me that it’s so important to show images of older women and revealed that she would never want to try and look younger than she is. At 73-years old Constanza is a true Advanced Style icon. I hope to travel to Brazil sometime soon and hear more about her refreshing attitude towards aging and style.