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An Advanced Style Luncheon at Epistrophy

Floral pant by Alice and Olivia

I invited a few of my friends out for lunch at Epistrophy Cafe yesterday and a grand time was had by all. After lunch, I asked if Joyce would sing a little song on our way back to the bus stop. Check out the video below and for more photos from our lovely lunch check out Carol’s blog HERE.

Advanced Style x Vogue Australia

Photography: Ari Seth Cohen, Fashion Editor: Valentina Ilardi Martin, Make Up: Joanna Lily Wong, Hair: Cecelia Romero        

I’m excited to finally share the story I shot for  the July issue of Vogue Australia with everyone. It’s incredible to see some of my favorite ladies gracing the pages of Vogue and looking spectacular. Kudos to Vogue Australia for recognizing the beauty and grace of older women.

“You Gotta Keep Trucking”

I was on my way to an appointment on the Upper West Side yesterday, when I decided to drop in to say hello to Lynn Dell at Off Broadway. You’d never be able to guess that she broke her foot a couple of days ago, as she looked gorgeous as ever in an orange turban and brand new embellished cotton tunic.

Linda Rodin and Winky During a Break From Our Vogue Australia Shoot

A few months ago, I shot a story for the July 2013 issue of Vogue Australia featuring some of my favorite ladies in their NYC apartments.  Linda Rodin and her marvelous poodle Winky both modeled for the spread(out today). I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and share all the photos with everyone.For now, check out Linda and Winky taking a  break from shooting in the photo above.

Beatrix Ost’s Magical World

Jacket by Gaultier

Each time I get  together with Beatrix Ost, I enter into a world full of art, color, and magic. Check out the video below to hear more from this incredible 73-year-old woman.