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Advanced Style Summer Salons

This gorgeous woman stopped by our annual Advanced Style workshops, at The Museum of Arts and Design, a few weekends ago. Every summer Debra Rapoport leads a series of salons where she guides museum guests in making beautiful accessories and treasured amulets out of recycled materials. Don’t miss out on our next Summer Salon taking place at Mad Museum on August 24th. For more information CLICK HERE .

30 Of The Most Wild and Wonderful Hats You’ve Ever Seen

I am always drawn to people who wear hats. Maybe it’s because my grandfather used to lend me his old Stetson’s and fishing hats, or maybe it’s just because they can just be so magical. I think my dear friend  Mimi Weddell put it best when she said ,” The only romantic thing left in life is a hat.” Here are some of the most wild and wonderful hats I have photographed over the last few years.

Christina Viera Explains How To Turn An Old Pair Of Shorts Into A Stylish Jacket


As promised here are some more shots from my shoot with Christina Viera. Christina always embellishes her outfits with the most unexpected accessories. Watch some of her tips, including how to turn an old pair of shorts into a jacket, in the video above.