Marvelous Magda

I have always been inspired by the seniors in my life and find it refreshing to meet people who share the same attitude towards older people. I asked Magda’s dear friend Daniela Arrendondo to share a few words about how she inspires her:

Life is about living and there are special people who show
us the way. One of them is Magda Llohis de Gutierrez. I am a 37 year-old woman
and there is not a moment that I spend not learning how she lives life. In Magda’s
presence I can only feel an eternal summer. Full of color, passion, wisdom, and
warmth. I cannot remember a single day where I have not seen her in
her own amazing style. Many passersby stopped to admire during Ari’s photo session with her, from Lenny Kravitz to a group of five year-olds, who said, “I like her!
She looks like Frida Kahlo.  Sara
Jessica Parker once saw her at Bergdorf’s and complimented her and her trademark
flowers. I am sure you will also notice her necklaces. Each one is one-of-a
kind, made by her. I could write about Magda forever, but I leave it to you to
look at Ari’s photographs and be inspired by her confidence and style.  Magda, you are a true piece of art, you are precious
and lovable. And I am lucky to be your friend and student in life.