Date Archives October 2013

Mirror Mirror

I saw this gorgeous woman on my last trip to Paris. I am excited to head back to Europe tomorrow for a conference at the London College of Fashion entitled, Mirror Mirror: Representations and Reflections on Age and Aging. If you are near London on October 29th, I will be signing books, and speaking about my reasons for starting Advanced Style, with Alyson Walsh of That’s Not My Age. For more information on the conference CLICK HERE. We hope to see you there!


I was on the subway a few months ago when I noticed a gorgeous woman sitting next to me with flowers and butterflies in her hair. The subway car was too cramped to get a proper photo and my stop was quickly approaching. I handed the woman my card in hopes that we would meet again. We finally met up a few days ago in her stunning apartment near Central Park. Magda was even more breathtaking than I had remembered. As she was putting her signature flowers in her hair she told me “My life is colors, always full of colors.” Stay tuned for more pictures from my wonderful afternoon with Magda next week.

Magical Maryann

Maryann is one of the most talented and creative women that I know. She embellishes her wonderful outfits with her own handmade accessories. There is something mythical and magical about the way Maryann puts herself together. Check out the video below for some more style inspiration.