Mary Moriarty

Ever since I was a child, my mom and grandma would take me to thrift shops and flea markets. I used to love to meet all the vendors and see all of the treasures they had collected over the years. People who frequent antique markets share a certain bond–a love for ephemera, and a need to be surrounded by beautiful objects from the past. I used to be more of a collector, but the limitations of a small New York apartment only allow for so many beloved artifacts. Now, I prefer photographing people and collecting their stories.

This weekend I met the most wonderful woman at the Out of The Blue Flea Market in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mary Moriarty runs a great booth out of the market, open the last Saturday of every month. I noticed her as soon as I walked through the hall and asked if I could take her photograph. Mary told me, “I love to dress flamboyantly and I am 75-years old.” Meeting Mary was the highlight of my trip to the Scotland!