95 Years Young

I always love when people recommend their stylish friends for me to photograph. Barbara Harris, who I have photographed twice before, wrote to tell me that I must meet her friend and style icon, 95-year-old Alvis Rogers. When I met Alvis at her apartment in Manhattan last week, she surely didn’t disappoint, in a gorgeous hounds tooth jacket and cream overcoat. I asked Barbara to put together a few words about her dear friend below:

IS A CLASS ACT AND VERY ELEGANT. I’ve known Alvis close to 50 years. We
met at Casdulan Hair Salon, owned by Frenchie, located next to the famed Apollo Theatre on 125th Street. The
salon was  very popular during that time because all the hair
stylists were great, which attracted very chic clients and celebrities–just to
name a few, Diahaan Carroll, Lucille Armstrong (Louis
Armstrong’s wife) Audrey Smaltz (The Ground crew),
and many others. After chatting with Alvis, we
discovered we were  neighbors on Sugar Hill in Harlem. I was so struck by how this beautiful
African  American woman was dressed, how
she spoke and how she  just reeked of class and style. I 
knew from this first meeting she was someone I wanted to get to know
better and emmulate, so I could learn how it was
properly done, She was also dripping of great jewelry–gold and diamonds,
which also really  impressed me  (I,too wanted some of those).
As I introduced her to my friends, they, like me were in
awe of her elegance, wit and style and wanted to know her
better. Alvis was very worldly–having traveled
a lot and took many cruises  which just
seemed like  a wonderful life style. She invited me a few times
for a Bon Voyage party on the ship, and I though that was very
grand. Living in New York City
during the 60’s, and meeting a fabulous woman like Alvis
(that looked like us) gave us a lot of hope and determination that we, also,
could be Fabulous at any age. Women who see Alvis now
are still inspired by her beauty, warmth and total togetherness. At her age she
is till a star.