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Romero’s Mom

I have been excited to meet makeup artist, Romero Jennings’, gorgeous mother ever since someone tagged #advancedstyle on a photo of her from his instagram page. I have been following their stylish adventures ever since. Nancy was an absolute joy to photograph and didn’t even complain when we took her outside on a cold winter’s day to take some more shots. I asked Romero to share a few words about his stunning mother below:

My mom was born in Panama in the 30″ but lived a big portion of her life in Jamaica. The influence of both cultures makes her an excellent cook! Nancy comes from a line of stylish women. Her mother made all her own clothing which allowed her to spend plenty of money on beautiful shoes
and jewelry!

Nancy loves hearing all my tales of life backstage at fashion
week! She feels somehow that she is there with me in spirit. She especially loves
to find out what is hot and what is not! My mom has always been know for her  signature red or shocking pink
lipstick and a generous coat of mascara topped off with translucent face

 Of course her favorite makeup brand is M.A.C cosmetics and her go
to lipsticks are Candy Yum Yum , which she is wearing in the photos, and
her favorite red lipstick -relentlessly red! She has a passion for huge oversized eyeglasses which has now become her signature! Nancy has a passion for fashion and feels that leopard is a neutral that goes with everything! At 75-year-old she still loves going to work every single day.

A Serendipitous Meeting

I was walking home from a coffee date with Ilona in the West Village when I spotted the stunning woman above. When I approached her to ask for a photograph she replied, “Darling don’t you recognize me, it’s Emily from Paris.” I had photographed Emily two years ago when she was on vacation in France and I was in Paris shooting for my book. It was so much fun to see her again and I can’t wait to get together for some more photos after the holidays. Check out Emily’s equally fantastic summer travel look below.