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Bristol Farms, Rancho Mirage

I was having breakfast in Rancho Mirage the day before my screening when I noticed this wonderful woman sitting across from me. I generally don’t like to bother people in public spaces, but I just had to get up and ask her for a photograph. After we were finished, I apologized about taking her away from her breakfast and she replied, “There is always another meal, but there’s not always an opportunity like this.”

Carol Channing

I had the immense honor of meeting the legendary Carol Channing in Palm Springs over the weekend. She was as bright and witty as ever, commenting on my sequin jacket, ” You should never take that off. In fact you should wear it to church on Sunday.” Miss Channing was invited to the premiere of Advanced Style in Palm Springs, by our mutual friend Colleen. When asked what she thought about aging she replied, ” You’re either you or you’re not and I think you’re the same at any age.”

Advanced Style in Palm Springs

I’m in the desert for the Palm Springs premiere of Advanced Style screening this Friday. Yesterday, I caught up with my dear friend Colleen outside her wonderful consignment shop, Re-Deux in Rancho Mirage. Colleen is bringing a bunch of people to the premiere, including a very special guest, her dear friend, Carol Channing!!! Colleen, Carol, and I will all be attending the 7:15pm show on Friday at Camelot Theaters. For advance tickets CLICK HERE.