Eva and Bill

I first met Eva and Bill at The Museum of The City of New York at a wonderful talk about vintage clothing led by Advanced Style regular Lana Turner. Since then, I have seen them at several events around town always dressed in the most smashing vintage threads. I was able to finally meet up with them at their wonderful apartment near Harlem and snap a few new photos.
Bill and Eva have been married for 41 years. They first met while both working on Wall Street. I asked them for the secret to a long and happy relationship. Eva answered, “There is no secret. It’s give and take, but most importantly respect for each other.” 
When it comes to dressing they both have a unique take on vintage clothing. “We each have our own styles, but at the same time feed off of each other. Neither one of us can walk out of the house with one looking better than the other.” Now that’s what I call respect!