Beatrix Ost at Estouteville Farm

Beatrix is front of her paintings
Wax sculpture by Beatrix Ost
Paintings and Sculpture by Beatrix Ost
It was a cold and rainy Saturday in New York when I got the crazy idea to escape south for a day. Eight hours later, I arrived at Beatrix Ost and Ludwig Kuttner’s incredible Estouteville Farm outside Charlottesville, Virgina. Painted trees, mystical wooden caves, and fields of daffodils filled my gaze as I entered their magical property. Beatrix and a gang of wagging dogs greeted me with hugs and kisses before setting out on a tour of the magnificent grounds. After a quick rest, I joined Ludwig for an exploration of the inside of the home filled with marvelous antiques and Beatrix’s incredible paintings and sculptures. Less than 24 hours later I was back on the road, left with artful memories of an enchanted evening.