Advanced Style x Paddle8

I have always been fascinated by collectors and their collections. Much of my childhood was spent going to antique sales and flea markets with my mother and grandmother. We would hunt for treasures, like vintage postcards, old perfume bottles, and any number of magical tchotchkes
that caught our eye. Since starting Advanced Style I have had the privilege of visiting the homes of so many incredibly creative and stylish men and women whose interior spaces are just as curated and lovely as their spectacular wardrobes. Joyce with her collection of Chanel handbags, Tziporah and her vintage clothes, and Mary’s Victorian beaded bags, are all reflective of their exquisite taste and vibrant lifestyles.

I was thrilled when Paddle8, the auction house for the 21st century collector, asked me to partner with them on their latest “Uptown Accessories” auction. The extraordinary items in this sale perfectly align with brilliant taste of the Advanced Style set. Check out the auction featuring fine jewelry, handbags, and other gems from Fred Leighton, Hermes, Celine, and others starting today! I have included a preview of some of the objects below. For the full auction on through July 10th CLICK HERE.