Casa Trigoso

On a recent trip to Portugal, I stumbled upon the most charming and beautiful seaside inn. Casa Trigoso is the closest thing you can get to experiencing a taste of the original Algarve region. Maria and Rosa inherited the property from their father/grandfather who settled there in the 1930s, and they continue to honor his spirit by providing guests with an authentic and joyful experience. I asked Maria to share some of her memories of growing up at Casa Trigoso below:

He was an ageless man, short, with soft yellow skin and the bluest eyes. Every morning he emerged, soon after the sunrise, “Good morning Dona Piedade! What shall I bring you today?”

My grandmother enumerated the types of fish that, the night before, she had destined for the lunches of children, grandchildren and other relatives. Senhor Zé Luís listened attentively, nodding in agreement. “Oh and bring me also a small sole for my granddaughter’s lunch!” 

By now, I have nearly forgotten the divine flavor of the soles that Senhor Zé Luís would catch for me in Dona Ana, the beach just below our house. But I remember with absolute clarity the translucent blue eyes of this ageless fisherman and the tender relationship he and my grandmother shared. 

The house dates back from the 1930s when Senhor Zé Trigoso (father and grandfather) decided he wanted to move his family from Lisbon to Lagos which, at that time, was very far away from what Lisbonites would consider the civilised world. Not content with being far from the capital, Senhor Trigoso chose to buy a plot of land away from what was then the town of Lagos, in a largely uninhabited area by Praia da Dona Ana. Those were the days of long donkey-rides into town, fishermen coming to the house to sell their daily catch, and the quiet tranquility of being the only house on Dona Ana beach. 
Over the years, the town grew and the roads were paved, and Praia da Dona Ana became a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. Senhor Trigoso also renovated and enlarged the house to fit the ever-growing family, as well as the many friends who would come to stay. He loved Lagos, Praia da Dona Ana, and he loved the house. Senhor Trigoso died in 1998, and CasaTrigoso is very much our tribute to him and our way of continuing to give life to the house he so enjoyed.  

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Maria’s father standing in front of Praia da Dona Ana
Maria’s grandmother in her “throne”