Gretchen and Suzi

This past weekend artists, Suzi Click and Gretchen Schields threw a party to welcome me to California. Every knock on Suzi’s stunning antique wood front door signaled the arrival of another bedazzled beauty. Suzi, Gretchen, and their friends all use clothing and accessories as a means of self expression. Their work, home decor, and unique sense of style are reflections of their creative and artful lives. They describe this as The Power of Adornment:

People have always adorned themselves to enhance their beauty, to display their strength, boast of their wealth or to identify the social group or tribe to which they belong.
Adornment transforms us as we create our face for the world. We adorn for the power of creating ourselves as works of art.
Adding beauty to your life in the way you adorn your self and your home is a true form of self expression. We hope to inspire others by sharing our ideas to awaken our true POWER OF ADORNMENT.

To follow more of Suzi and Gretchen’s stylish adventures check out their blog HERE.