Advanced Style New Year’s Resolutions

Life is very
interesting if you live it fully aware. There is no such thing as boredom, it
needs to be still sometimes.

-Beatrix Ost
 In 2016, I will love
and cherish my wonderful family and friends more than ever and keep them close
to me. I intend to Sing,Sing,Sing and to spread the pleasure and joy that music
gives to me, to everyone I meet. I would also like to  bring the ADVANCED
STYLE message to everyone woman I meet that Aging can be the most wonderful
time of your life. I welcome 2016 with
all the joys and challenges it may bring. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!                                                                           PEACE, LOVE,
CHEERS. XXXXXX-Joyce Carpati
 Hoping to push
boundaries in 2016!
-Sarah Jane Adams
 I have been
celebrating the new year since the year 1923. The year I was born. Every year
has been an amazing year to be alive. I suspect 2016 will also be a wonderful
year to be alive. I look forward with thrilling anticipation, love and joy.
Just BEING and accepting and welcoming each and every challenge in this coming
year.  Joy to the world and 2016! – Phyllis Sues
My resolution for
the New Year is one that I have been striving to achieve each new year for the
last many decades. In many traditions;
from the Cabbala, to mystical Christianity there is a belief that how we behave
and go about the first 12 days of the new year is a metaphor for the next 12
months. In other words the 1st day of the year determines the first month, the
second day, the second month and so on. To ensure a bright start we should set
intentions, record only positive, luminous thoughts, feelings and actions. I am
best able to do that alone and in silence, not in the midst of a lot of inconsequential
chatter. Everyone has the opportunity to make such a choice, to withdraw for a
part of each day into the private chamber within.
The year that we call
NEW is not completely separate from the old. IN FACT ITS ALREADY old, because
we human beings are old in our ways of thinking, feelings and habits.
If we intend to
discard some of the weight of the past, and fill the vessel of the heart and
mind with high ideals, the mind will obey, and also satisfy the soul that
yearns for new values and desires. 
May we all be
blessed in 2016

-Valerie von Sobel