Suzan Pitt

I was thrilled when artist Suzan Pitt invited me to come visit her Los Angeles studio. I have been following her work ever since I first discovered her brilliant hand painted raincoats and couldn’t wait to see them in person. Suzan first started to make one of a kind, painted coats as part of a show with NYC artist group COLAB in the 1980s. After spending several years painting and directing a number of critically acclaimed animated films, Suzan has begun a brand new series of graphic wearable art.

“I think of my painted coats as animated objects which can move about in the world- walking in the street, sitting at a bar, coming through a doorway, emerging from a car… Each coat is like no other- they are one of a kind artworks you can wear or hang on the wall. I’m inspired by images from popular culture (comics, advertising, historical paintings, trash and lettering found everywhere)and images from my films and watercolors. I love to juxtapose multiple images to create a chain of association to the viewer, much like my paintings but simpler- and I hope a coat will make someone happy- that the positive energy from the coat will surround the wearer and surprise those who see it.”-Suzan Pitt

Check out more of Suzan Pitt’s extraordinary work HERE.