5 Secrets to Vitality With Joyce Carpati

l. I believe in getting my blood flowing first thing in the morning and I am off to the gym for a 1 hour class of TAI CHI.

2.I then have my favorite breakfast of Vitality–, Grapefruit, a large bowl of OATMEAL with coconut  milk  and my largest mug of decaf coffee.
3.Pick up my newspapers and read them through. I prefer the real thing, no internet news for me.
4.I try to NEVER waste  a day. I plan every day to meet a friend and do something  of interest.  I am off to  the  Frick today. A wonderful show of Van Dyck.
5. Then I pursue my hobby. I SING, SING, SING. Find an interest you can love. Dance, take a film course, Have you tried your hand at painting? There  is so much to give you vitality and  pleasure in life. Ladies, WAKE UP, DO IT, You will be happier, more interesting and very happy with yourself.