5 Secrets to Vitality With Maureen Gumbe

I’m starting a new series where I ask the ladies and gentlemen I photograph to share some of their secrets to remaining vital and creative. I met Maureen Gumbe in Geneva right before the launch of my first book in 2012. We first connected over Facebook and then had a serendipitous meeting on the streets of Carouge. Maureen is always dressed in vibrant colors which perfectly match her joyful spirit. Here are Maureen’s Top Secrets to Vitality:
1.A positive outlook on life, despite prevailing circumstances

2.A spirit of gratitude
3.Surround myself with a variety of friends, especially younger than I am.
4.Keep abreast of changes in the society, life or living in the present
5.Laughter, always nourish the child in me.