Advanced Love: Ann and Bill

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It was a cold and windy day in Feb. ’84. So cold you could stay inside if you had a home. Ann was bundled up in front of the bus depot, playing her pawn shop accordion for change. Suddenly a tall stranger appeared dropping a five dollar bill in her tip jar. “Do you know ‘Lady of Spain’ “ he asked. “No” she replied, “but once I met a man from France.” Smiling he said, “my name is Bill.” “I’m Ann” she answered… and so it began.

Now the real story. Ann and Bill met in Redondo Beach, Ca in Feb 1984. Within two weeks Bill told Ann he knew they would be married. August of that year they wed in Maui, Hawaii. Together now for 32 years, it has not always been smooth, but it has been rock solid. If asked what makes a successful marriage: True honesty (no white lies or exclusions); learning the art of compromise; and respecting one another’s differences. We are who we are.

Two additional elements essential to each of us personally are humor (we crack one another up every day) and having a house full of animals. Today’s count: 7 dogs and a parrot.

 Age brings freedom. Retirement brings a more peaceful existence and the physical energy to enjoy it. At least once a day one of us mentions how lucky we are. We have a great life together and know it.